Logos (sign please)

A logo is like the signature of a company. Many times you’ll see logos at the bottom right of advertisements and embroidered or printed on products as a visual way of assigning creation or ownership to a company or business. Here are a couple logos that I’ve created over the past few years. Go ahead and take a look!


Year of Jubilee Celebration

International Baptist Church will celebrate its 50th Anniversary with a Jubilee Celebration in early February. The event will celebrate God’s faithfulness in International’s past, present and future.

The jubilee logo includes the birth year and jubilee date of the church along with a celebratory feel. The golden yellow lightly sparkles against a dark blue backdrop while the type is a mix of styles all wrapped together in one cohesive unit.


Hawaii School of Diving

Hawaii School of Diving is a scuba diving school in Honolulu, offering PADI scuba diving certification through courses in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages. PADI certified open water scuba instructors provide guided tours and teach scuba techniques with an emphasis on providing a fun and enjoyable experience in a tropical backdrop that is unique to Hawaii.

Hawaii School of Diving’s owner, Tom Marchant was looking for a logo to represent the professionalism and care that his company takes in providing scuba lessons and tours, all of this coupled with the beauty of Hawaii’s underwater world. To illustrate this, I created a red dive flag infused with a string of flowers that form a partial heart as they dive downward toward the flag. Alongside it stands the logo type in Trajan Bold, a font used by many universities, to embody the essence of higher or deeper education and understanding.


Then And Now, LLC

Then And Now, LLC is a new small business in Kaneohe that buys, sells, and consigns used furniture and collectibles. Owner Darrin Lum was looking for a logo, sign, and business card design for his storefront operation.

Darrin, his friends, and family were fans of this free-flowing hand drawn type as they felt it embodied the look of something from the past. He also favored circular logo designs and the addition of arrows representing “coming full circle”, being green and recycling. The addition of the couch and ukulele icon add a hint of visual interest and clarity of purpose while the black on white kept the design clean and simple.

Taste of Waikoloa Magazine Logo

Taste of Waikoloa Magazine

I created this Magazine logo for the Hilton Waikoloa Village’s Taste of Waikoloa Magazine. The magazine is placed in each hotel room and features articles about the hotel’s culinary options, everything from casual fare to romantic dinners with ocean and sunset views.

The word Taste is large to emphasize the magazine’s focus. A small triangle in the T adds a bit of interest and relates to initial talks of having the title start with A, as in A Taste of Waikoloa. The of Waikoloa is smaller in size while standing as the foundation of Taste.

Hawaii Movie Tours Logo

Hawaii Movie Tours

Hawaii Movie Tours® – Kauai is a guided bus tour that visits spots on Kauai where movies and shows from the past and present were filmed for the big and small screen. These scenic locations can be seen in Blue Hawaii, Fantasy Island, Honeymoon In Vegas, Jurassic Park, and more. Guests also watch video footage and have the opportunity to learn “movie-buff” facts.

Hawaii Movie Tours® – Kauai is owned by Roberts Hawaii Inc. In 2012, an updated look was in order. I designed the Hawaii Movie Tours logo to be iconic, similar to the look of movie production companies. The W in Hawaii is large and strong at the center. And the addition of a golden banner stating The Original showcases the tour’s authenticity.

Kelly Pang Design Logo

Kelly Pang Design

My quest to be a freelance graphic designer led me to create Kelly Pang Design. Like all companies, I was in need of branding elements to represent myself on business cards, websites and other methods of communication.

The Kelly Pang Design logo started as a number of pen drawn sketches and after reviewing them, I settled on a few that peaked my interest. I jumped onto the computer with the scans and in so doing, created my own logo type of circles and lines with rounded ends. The look is simple and clean with friendly lowercase letters and curved descenders. The statement logosadvertisementsillustration adds clarity to what I do while the + holds a bit of mystery and allows for growth.

Holoholo Trolley Logo

Holoholo Trolley

Holoholo is the Hawaiian word for riding or walking around for enjoyment. And the Holoholo Trolley aimed to do just that. The trolley was created by Roberts Hawaii and took guests to Oahu museums, factories, and shopping destinations. This gave riders the opportunity to make sweets, shop for apparel or souvenirs, learn about Hawaiian culture and the arts, or visit an ukulele or coffee factory.

While sketching the logo for Holoholo Trolley, it became obvious that the O, L, and O resembled eyes and a nose. So the other prominent facial feature that had to be added was the mouth…Sorry eyebrows! The addition of curved lines finished the smiling faces and added a fun and playful spirit to the design.

Hawaiian Ocean Thrills Logo

Hawaiian Ocean Thrills

Hawaiian Ocean Thrills was a water-sports company off the coast of Waikiki Beach on the island of Oahu. The activities available were jet skiing, banana sled riding, and parasailing with views of Diamond Head, Waikiki hotels and white sand beaches.

The Vice President in charge of Hawaiian Ocean Thrills had the vision of a jet ski making waves. So I sketched a jet ski, added waves, and voilà, it was approved. The font chosen for the logo type was straightforward for legibility and uppercase to represent strength.

Return to Paradise Logo

Return To Paradise

Return to Paradise was a show created for and featuring Lani Misalucha, an artist with an amazing vocal range. She was accompanied by hula dancers, a live band, and a fire knife performer. The show was presented by Roberts Hawaii and played for many months in Waikiki.

The font chosen for the Return to Paradise logo was one that resembled an old Hawaii style with a feminine flair. Below Return to Paradise was a stylized version of Lani’s signature, a unique signature for a unique artist.