Illustration (let’s get to the point)

At this moment, the point is the tip of a sharpened pencil, a pixel on a digital canvas, or a control point on a vector drawing. This page includes examples of my illustration work for design dilemmas that require a more personalized approach.

Sketchbook Challenge

From January 13 until Monday, March 31, 2014, I sketched a person, place or thing that started with the first letter of a weekday. Please click here to read more and to enjoy the sketches!

Sketchbook Challenge Illustrations

Everyday Items

These are free-hand color pencil drawings of everyday items one could find around the house, in a pant pocket, or nestled deep inside a purse or bag.

Color pencil drawing of keys on a key ring

Color pencil drawing of open pocket knife


People of all shapes and sizes, whether real or imaginary, can make for interesting subjects. The drawing of the asian man was sketched on rusty brown paper with color pencils. While the woman is one that I would imagine could do well in the corporate culture of today.

Color pencil portrait of Asian man

Color pencil drawing of imaginary corporate woman

*Note: All characters appearing in this section are fictitious or have approved that I sketch and post their likeness online. Any resemblance to other real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Digital Illustration

Here are examples of illustrations that I created on the computer. The first example is a self portrait while the second resembles the visual style or iconography of US Currency.

Self portrait created on computer

Eagle holding a coin